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showing off a half-shaved head

Catch Roof 1-Year Anniversary PartyEXCLUSIVE Avril Lavigne showing off her new half-shaved haircut in France

AVRIL Lavigne shows off her Boi-ish side with her newly-shaved head.
The 27-year-old Canadian rock singer has reached for the clippers and lopped off half her hair for the side-bristle look.

Out in Paris, the Complicated singer was seen rocking the now-fashionable look and giving it her best moody pout while promoting her clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

Wearing a black leather biker jacket and black-and-white stripey T-shirt, the new haircut accentuated her razor-sharp cheekbones and delicate features.

With the less-is-more approach to make-up, her eyes were painted with dark, winged eyeliner strokes.

Perhaps the pop-rocker is going for a darker image to give her some inspiration for her new music.

Her recent musical comeback album Goodbye Lullaby didn’t go off with quite the bang she’d have liked and flopped.

But she’s not the only one to have embraced the bald look recently.


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